Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday morning thoughts

The title of this post was meant to lull you into thinking this post might be about many different things. It isn't. You know what it's about. I almost can't wait for 19th December so that my mind might turn to different things.

1. I voted for Chris and Ola again. I seriously think I might have lost my mind. In previous years I have been secure in the knowledge that I was supporting the best dancer, even when that dancer wasn't going to win. But this year something has changed. I have become one of the other sort, the sort that votes for the couple they like rather than the couple who can dance. Why? What's changed? Is it me? Is it the show? It's me, isn't it.

2. I think Bruce was on something last night. Possibly Pro Plus.

3. Can Bette Midler please learn another song? She's been popping up on these light entertainment shows for years and she always sings The Rose or the dreaded Wind Beneath My Wings? Why? Why does she do this? What is she selling? Is it in her contract that she never has to learn a new song ever again? If so, why? Why is it in her contract? Why do people keep agreeing to the contract? So. Many. Questions.

4. Tess needs to sort her wardrobe pronto. Part of the joy of Strictly has always been checking what horror Tess is in that week and wondering who in wardrobe she has pissed off, but we seem to have added a new element to all this - Boob Area Catastrophe (BAC). Last week, poor bra choice meant a couple of boobs too many. This week, poor bra choice and slightly too low a neckline demonstrated that gravity always wins. Somebody help her.

5. Why don't I like Ricky Whittle?

6. I once sent Rhona and Alice a long e-mail about how I felt about Anton and Laila doing Latin. Basically it makes me feel upset and dirty. Thank God they've finally gone home.


jane_nunn said...

You are guilty. Yes you who voted for Chris and Ola and sent Ali home - unbelieveable! "Cola" were fun for a while, you know, with the little hobbit gags and the Yeah, babes but enough already! and now they are in THE FINAL. yes, that's right people. Chris with his stampy feet and crazy faces and Ola with her stripper's wardrobe and their oh-so-tedious chemistry (yes Bruce we know) are in the goddamn final. And poor Ali will be back in the dungeon tonight with no dinner. Please Brian no, be kind.

ktuk said...

You have no feeling. Team Cola for the WIN! You cannot possibly want Whittle and The Terminator to triumph this weekend, I simply don't believe it.