Monday, 18 October 2010

What could get me blogging again?

Chaps - there have been so many things I could have blogged about over the last few months. All the lovely theatre I've seen. My two-day whirlwind trip to Edinburgh. My new obsession with NFL due to my participation in NFL Fantasy Football (courtesy of Mr Plenty More Fish). But I think you knew what would get me back on here. And you were right. It's that Strictly time again.

No full recaps from me - if you want those, try this guy, who writes awesome epic recaps with screencaps and everything. But here are some thoughts about this week's show:

1. Is Matt Baker a bit humourless? Maybe he is. Or maybe Aliona is ruining him because her choreography is useless. Gimmicky rubbish. She is letting him down, I feel.

2. It doesn't matter what happens, I still hate the rumba.

3. Pamela Stephenson has done what I had thought to be impossible and has made me like James Jordan. DAMN YOU BBC.

4. Felicity Kendal is just blah for me. I barely even remember she is there.

5. Michelle Williams should be toast. She can barely stand up on those sticks, never mind dance, and her sense of humour which was evident in the launch show has gone walkabout, so she ought to get booted for lack of likeability, regardless of dance failings. BUT Brendan has gone back to NZ because his dad sadly died at the weekend, so Williams gets IAN WAITE HURRAH HURRAH for a week to do the tango. Can he rescue her from near certain booting through his sheer magnificence? Maybe.

6. I love a bit of Vince and Flav, but that tango was effing mental. Alice rightly described Flavia as a turquoise worm, while Rhona thought of it as the bondage dance. I felt it was a combo of the two - a turquoise worm doing a dirty bondage dance with four men. But I did like the bit when the giant new boy Robin threw Flavia over his head. That was cool.

7. Paul Daniels just had to go and be gross about Ola at the end, didn't he? He couldn't just leave it. I hate the way this show makes it ok for the old men to be dirty old men. No. Just stop it.

8. Tess Daly is a joy vacuum.

9. I miss the dance-off. Controversial.

10. When this show booted a load of pros in the summer I was a bit upset, because they were (mainly) pros that I liked. BUT what I have noticed so far is that they didn't just lose lovely dancers - in Cutler, Ian Waite and Lilia, they also lost three of their absolute best choreographers, and it really really shows. The best choreographer at the moment is Natalie by a country mile - and Erin in the ballroom. Everything else just looks super-lame by comparison. Silly silly BBC. BRING THEM BACK.